So the 10th anniversary Firefly panel at NYCC this year… fdjslkfdlkjlkdkl.

By now, all of Tumblr is aware that ya, Nathan Fucking Fillion showed up so I’m not going to talk about that.

I’m going to highlight that singing along to the theme song with everyone in that room was one of the greatest experiences ever and it’s a crazy feeling being surrounded by so many people who understand what you’re feeling— and I was in that room “alone.”

Also, I could not fucking deal when Jewel, Sean, and Nathan started talking about their experiences with Joss. I completely lost it and burst into tears (credit to the dude next to me, who was not alarmed at all). And my heart broke when Jewel was saying how Joss was never mad (and died all over again when Nathan started imitating him) and how shaken he was when he heard they were cancelled. Just. No. Joss. Why do people keep cancelling Joss’ shit. One of the best thing’s about Avengers’ success, in my opinion, is hopefully that people will at least stop cancelling Joss’ shit. For serious.

daskjfl. Emotions. This show. I can’t.

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